Saturday, November 19, 2011

Urban Cartoon Fantasy

Urban Fantasy in recent cartoons:

Beavis and Butt-Head has returned with all new episodes. Praise be to whoever! The first episode, (which you can watch here: ) has a segment called "Werewolves of Highland." Go ahead and watch it or read on for a plot synopsis, which isn't really a spoiler since the same description is on MTV's website.

Our two heroes go to see a Twilight movie and realize that "chicks dig monsters." So they decide to roam around their town of Highland looking for a vampire or werewolf to bite them so they can "score." They find an old homeless man who they mistake for a werewolf and pay him to bite them. They end up getting infected with hepatitis as well as other diseases and as their health deteriorates they figure they are undergoing a "transformation," and seek out women who they expect to now be attracted to them. It's hilarious.

Then, on The Simpsons this Sunday (tomorrow), none other than Neil Gaiman will guest star as Homer sets out to write a YA novel. Homer thinks he knows what the next character fad will be in YA fiction after vampires and zombies: ...TROLLS!
If you don't catch it on Sunday it will be up a day or two later at:

Here is an article where Neil Gaiman talks about his Simpsons appearance and other junk:


P.S. I did in fact see Breaking Dawn. There is plenty I could say against it, but ultimately I was entertained, which is why my wife and I have gone to see all the Twilight movies.

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