Friday, October 14, 2011

Urban fantasy on case campus

Since we had our conversation in class about things to include in an Urban Fantasy about Case, I have been imposing urban fantasy scenes on everything I see as I walk through campus. The presence of a human a zombie war is helping my imagination, so that is the main plot. During one of the more dangerous missions, a human or zombie accidentally released a dangerous experiment that was brewing in the depths of a graduate chemistry student's lab. No one knows what goes on in there so really anything is possible. The loosed disease turned everyone within a certain radius into a flesh eating zombie. If that isn't bad enough, the cleveland unicloud descends in apocalyptic proportions and freezes the city over. The humans, in an attempt to survive have to flee to the tunnels under ground where there is safety and warmth. Then the Zombies, in an attempt to find easy prey, come up with a great idea to lure the alumni here for and "Alumni Weekend". The old people come and a re slowly being picked off to be served as dinner in the Case art studio, restored to all of its restaurant glory. The Alumni don't know what is going on and keep wondering if this is what college was like when they went here.
The humans of course have to save the day somehow, but I haven't thought of how to do that just yet. Maybe the thugs who live just outside of campus will turn out to be the heroes. who knows.

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