Wednesday, October 19, 2011

NYCC and Urban Fantasy

This past weekend I drove to the Big Apple for the New York Comic-Con.

I went there to work, and (no surprise) I found a lot of urban fantasy there.

I think it's amazing how urban fantasy has slowly taken over these conventions, because i've been going to popular culture conventions since i was 9 years old. It used to be strictly comics, a little anime, maybe a dash of movies...urban fantasy and it's authors only started getting presence in the last 5 years or so, and all of a sudden i can't get away from it!

Authors, premieres, movies, name it, an urban fantasy series is probably involved now. Neil Gaiman has a huge presence at these conventions, if not in person then by his novels.

To bring my family's publishing company into this...Hermes Press is publishing an "urban fantasy" (and i stretch it to fit that) series of comics based on the TV show Dark Shadows. We spent so much effort promoting this over our other titles, and it's an example of how urban fantasy has permeated the convention world.

Kim Harrison was there, so that ties into our class...Signing her newest book. The crowd for that was huge. Same for Patricia Briggs, Gaiman, and basically any novelist in the vampire/werewolf/urban fantasy genre.

For further information on my opinion of the NYCC, check out my article in The Observer's on the con that will be out this Friday!

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