Friday, October 21, 2011

My experience of UF before this class

I am one of the kids in the class that doesn't have as much experience with this genre before I joined the class. My favorite reading as a child included authors and books that were precursors to the urban fantasy. I read and fell in love with all of Tamora Pierce's novels, which fall into the category of high fantasy. I also really enjoyed Garth Nix (Abhorsen series, and the seventh tower series), J.K. Rowling (harry potter), and Stephanie Meyers (Yes, I read twilight and enjoyed it. feel free to judge me). I dipped a bit into books like Melissa Marr's wicked lovely books. Unlike other people in the class, I really like the fairies and fae. The fact that they are small people doesn't bother me, and I think they are less creepy than ghosts, vampires, and other more monstrous creatures. I like the idea that there are magical creatures that might coexist with our society without preying on it.

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