Friday, October 28, 2011

Fathers in Urban Fantasy

In partial response to Mike’s most recent post, I find the underlying question of familial relationships, especially the relationship between a character and their parents, and the role of those types of relationships in urban fantasy very interesting. I definitely think that these relationships often (though not always) play an emphasized role in urban fantasy. As Mike points out, both Pete from Street Magic and Rachel from Dead Witch Walking attempt to forge an identity while often referring back to their relationship with their father. We will definitely see this in Magic Bites, and I think it is almost a (sub)genre-wide trend. While I definitely connect the correlation between identity discovery and parental relationships to identity discovery (or perhaps, re-discovery) and “the city,” I wonder if the father plays an especially unique role (over that of the mother) as a result of “the city.” Thoughts?

Also, as a side note, I came across this article, “Should Vampires Sparkle? A brief look at the history of vampires in literature.” It is a short article about the evolution of the vampire in literature that reminded me of Wei’s post not too long ago.

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