Sunday, October 16, 2011

Case urban fantasy brainstorm

So this is a brainstorm that I typed up a while ago, but didn't post. Hopefully you can kind of see my thought process:

Squirrels: messengers? Conspiracy? Akin to the rats of Neverwhere? That seems a little cliché... SPIES: they’re spies for someone. Yeah. An EVIL someone.

- Underground tunnels

- The medical block

- Humans vs. Zombies

“What started out as just a game...”

- Rooftops?

- The windmill?

Geography: the Campus, plus an underground tunnel system and the rooftops

Mythos: zombies (the brainless, cannibalistic kind, I think), with an HvZ twist (you can actually kill them with nerf guns, à la Bad Monkeys)

History: This has never happened before... but why now? Maybe something to do with Halloween? Experiments in the medical buildings! Frankenstein-esque experiments.

Toxin’s in the food, perhaps? Leutner food is where the virus originated, perhaps, in some bad meat. Or a recycled dessert (those things are so sad once you see them for what they are...)

This seems a little more sci fi than fantasy...

Maybe one of the English professors is actually a vampire.

Or a demon.

A squirrel-controlling demon.

Maybe a prof is getting revenge on slackers in intro classes...

Random idea: magical crosswords in the Observer! Maybe a clue or secret message is passed through the Observer.

The Spartan/Denny’s is actually a portal to Hell (à la Reaper)

Zombie hunters and vampire hunters join forces?

The statues are actually magical relics, and their energy can be channeled.

All right, that's all for now. Not very cohesive, but whatever.

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