Thursday, September 22, 2011

A Cleveland Story...

I hate "A Christmas Story", so I'm always hesitant to place any fantasy world or fictional world into the Cleveland area. However this time I shall make an exception. For the general prompt: What sort of urban fantasy would take place on/around CWRU?

"Place: Case Western Reserve University
Time: Summer, late July, 2011
Police Reports: Inconclusive

The suspect has reported seeing what appeared to be an African-American man, aged 20-25, wearing a white hoodie and sweatpants. The suspect claimed to be carrying a weapon (not seen), and stole the students backpack and cell phone. The suspect then ran before disappearing from sight. The victim could not remember any distinguishing marks, and claims that the suspect vanished into midair. The only other notable detail, as the suspect is still at large, is that a large number of squirrels congregated at the area of the crime. Perhaps they hold a clue as to the sudden jump in crime on campus. Those guys are everywhere."

The above is supposed to sound like one of the many "Security Alerts" that students get via email, and I suppose more characters and squirrels would pop up. Who knows?

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